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As of 6:41 tonight, Facebook banned the link the the blog, so this plan – as clever as it was – didn’t work.

Tuesday afternoon we were lucky enough to ride the new “Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance” ride at Disneyland. (No spoilers – I’m not gonna talk about it much, but I will say it was amazing.)

We walked through the queue and boarded a transport ship that was like a standing version of Star Tours. It was fine. Not too exciting. I leaned over to my son, Alex, and whispered, “This is pretty lame.”

Right at that moment, the transport stopped, a door opened, and the REAL fun started. Turns out that the transport ride was just a fancy way to kill time in the queue and set up the eye-popping things to follow, and the real ride.

It was very cool.

The idea of a ride before the ride was new, and today I woke up with an idea. As many of you know, Facebook has blackballed “” and prevents me, or anyone else, to link to it.

Taking a page from Disneyland, I had the idea to create a page before the blog that can route Facebook readers to click through to the blog. It didn’t take long to set up, but it looks like it works for now.

When I post a link to an article on the blog, it will take you to the “TWS Launch” which will take you to the actual blog with one click.

Just click on the logo that looks like this,

and you should be sent right over.


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  1. I do not know the full story of why facebook kicked Brother McBride off for violating “community standards” but I would hazard a guess.
    At the end of my comment you will find a link to a fairmormon talk called “Time Vindicates the Prophet” (good read, by the way). At the end of the talk there is a question and answer session where the author talks about a youtube channel he has called “Book of Mormon Central”. When that was first launched in 2016, many people who attack the church went immediately to Google to complain that this new channel was spamming them (not true). The result was Google shut them down for months, and it took going to Google directly to plead their case and get the channel back up.
    My guess is that the same thing happened to Brother McBride and facebook. However, to give facebook the benefit of the doubt, I reiterate that I do not know the whole story and I could very well be wrong.

  2. What the HECK!!!!! WHY do they say your blog doesn’t meet “community standards” or whatever they say. And how can we protest????

  3. I was there on Tuesday as well!! Small world! Magical experience for Star Wars fans!!! And crowds I couldn’t even wrap my head around;)

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