My Savior

Jesus Christ is my Savior. He is my God. Because of Him I have been saved from death and sin. I exist because of Him. I will continue to exist, and eventually exist in glory, because of Him.

I love Him, and owe Him all that I am, and all that I will ever be.

I don’t remember when I first met Him, but I have since learned that before we were born, He stood before all of us and presented our Heavenly Father’s plan to us – a way that we could all come to earth, get a body, prove ourselves, and then return to a home of eternal glory.

Our Savior stood before all of us and offered Himself as the necessary sacrifice to make this plan a reality. He was willing to suffer and die for us. Why? Because He loves me – with a depth of love that I can barely begin to comprehend. In exchange, He asked me to follow him, and do what He asks of me.

I know that I accepted this plan, and that I loved him for His willingness. I know this because I am here – living, breathing, learning, growing. Everyone else we see around us everyday accepted this plan as well, as evidenced by our very existence. Many of us do not know, and many that do know, don’t care.

I know, and I do care.

Because I know, I try and live my life in the manner that he showed us when he was here on earth. I try and keep the commandments he has given us. I try to do what is right.

And I fail. Often. And sometimes spectacularly.

But my Savior has within His power and authority to save me from myself, from my sins, and from the pain that can and does result from those sins. The pain that can happen now, later, and eternally.

How can He possibly do this? He suffered to pay for my sins already. I do not pretend to understand how it happened, but somehow, He was able to take upon Himself the sins and ills of all the world. He suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane, and on the Cross. He bled and died – voluntarily -for me. Because of this, He has the amazing ability to exchange my suffering for His.
• He is my literal Savior. He saves me from sin.

He overcame death and lived again. This resurrection results in the miraculous promise that all of us – ALL of us that have lived, or will ever lived in this mortal life will live again, as he has.
• He is my literal Savior – he has saved me from death.

But it doesn’t stop with being saved… It even gets better.

The Savior has shared His authority once again with His servants here on the earth. The result? Priesthood ordinances can be performed that can ensure that my wife can experience eternity by my side. This is one of the greatest indications that He loves me – He knows that eternal glory would fall short if my wife were not with me. She is a living, breathing testimony that Jesus Christ, and my Heavenly Father love me.

• He literally saves me from what I would fear most in eternity: Being without my wife.

My Savior wants me to progress, and find joy in this life – not just in the eternities. Because of this, He has restored His Church to the earth. He directs it through revelation to modern-day prophets.  And why not? Would a loving Savior leave us to our own devices?

To help us learn and develop, He has given us new scripture, revealed to His prophets. I love the Bible, but it should be obvious to anyone that loves the Bible that it is just not enough. The very existence of over 30,000 different Christian denominations preaching their own paths makes that patently obvious. There is one path – and the Lord saved us, yet again, from a lifetime of wandering in the wilderness looking for the “one path” of which He spoke.

• He literally saves me from following the wrong path.

I find modern revelation as additional proof that He loves me, and you. We are not left alone. He speaks to us through Prophets, Apostles, and the Holy Ghost. He is the Almighty God – He is not limited in what He can share with us for our well-being.

• He literally saves me from ignorance, and the resulting mistakes and pain.

He does, in a very real way “leadeth me beside the still waters,” and “restoreth my soul.”

I know that He loves me. He shows that love to me daily. I find myself flailing when I try and express what I feel for Him with words – so I try to use my deeds.

I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of mankind – of all those who have walked the earth, who now walk the earth, or have yet to walk the earth. That is the grand vision of His purpose.

But at the core of my being, I know that He is my Savior, my elder brother, my Lord. Praise Him.



  1. Just read this Brad . . . ten plus years after you posted it. I’m moved. You describe so well what stirs in my heart. I’m grateful for your gift.

  2. One thing that facebook issues have done is lead me to your actual blog into this lovely post. Thank you for it.

  3. That was beautiful and so uplifting. I needed a little testimony builder today and I loved reading about how personal your relationship is with the Savior. I’m trying to strengthen my relationship with Him and reading this has given me another motivation to keep trying because one day I can feel as close to Him as you do. Thank you!

  4. I just want to thank you for editing your guests’ posts and not allowing any negatives to get through. I very much dislike seeing a beautiful blog post like this one only to see hateful responses. I can enjoy your blog even more as I know I won’t be treated to an ugly dessert after a joyful feast.

  5. Unique, I like that topic “My Savior.” I was not born in the Church and so some of my family/friends have said, “They worship Joseph Smith like we worship Jesus Christ.”
    Don’t you wish the whole world could see and feel and sometimes wonder, “What is wrong with people?”
    I do know the answer to my question. 🙂
    For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation…

  6. Thank you for expressing your testimony in such a beautiful way. I feel the same way and am so grateful for our elder brother, doing all this for us and after all being ready to help us through all the turmoils of earthly life, even if we stumble because of ignorance or disobedience. Praise him indeed!

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