The Reviews are in – Phew!

I’ll admit, it’s a little nervous waiting for the initial book reviews to come in. Much to my relief, they have been uniformly positive – nothing but five stars. So, if you’ve been standing on the shore, waiting for others to tell you “C’mon in, the waters fine!” you can jump on in.

Thanks to those who jumped in early, and especially those who have written reviews.

Here’s sample from Amazon and Goodreads:

A great reminder the importance of fathers and fatherhood: Seeking to redeem himself in his wife’s and daughter’s eyes, Sam makes a series of disastrous – funny, but disastrous – decisions that leave him with no choice but to turn toward Heaven for help. While he pleads for immediate physical help, his heart is instead turned towards his family and his relationship with them. In the long tradition of Christmas change and redemption stories, this book’s focus makes it particularly poignant for fathers. A quick read with humor woven throughout. Kids will enjoy the suspenseful and funny trouble he gets into, and adults will remember what is truly important.”

An Important Reimagining of a Christmas Classic: Fun new Christmas story that explicitly spells out the true purpose of Christmas, since that aspect is nearly foreign to our modern culture. I’ve been reading Brad’s blog for several years now, and this story is a lot like his blog posts – just as fiction. I enjoyed it a lot.”

Heartwarming Christmas Story: I enjoy everything this author writes. This story is a great quick read to get you into the holiday spirit. Enjoyed it so much I bought extra to give out to friends for Christmas.”

Very Touching: Like the author, I’ve been throughly exposed to the various versions of the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. His tale is much better as it teaches the timeless truths without leaving out Jesus. You’ll definitely need some tissues to get to the end of this fascinating story.”

Putting Christ in Christmas: What a delightful little book – a timely reminder that Christ is the ONLY reason for Christmas – that all the other “stuff” is unimportant.”

Thanks so much!

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