Instant Post-Conference Thoughts: Saturday Morning Session (April, ’22)

Note:  These are the instant, mildly-filtered things that ran through my brain and heart as I watched this session of General Conference. If you are looking for deep, spiritual analysis, this is not the place. Drive on. Please check back later for that, after I have had some time to process.

• Conference sure came around quickly. However, my NEED for Conference came around even quicker.

• I wonder which General Authority will have the best Will Smith joke.

President Russel M. Nelson is starting us off. (On the TV I am watching his suit looks purple!)

Speaks to the war in Ukraine and how the world will be in commotion. Asks world leaders to knock it off, and for us to pray for help in ending any major conflicts. “The world has been rocked by a conflict that is raining terror on millions of innocent men, women and children.”

“The Gospel of Jesus Christ has never been needed more than it is today.”

“Brothers and sisters, the gospel of Jesus Christ has never been needed more than it is today. Contention violates everything the Savior stood for and taught.”

“Contention violates everything the Savior stood for & taught!”

“The Gospel is the only enduring solution to peace.”

Pivoted to the importance of missionary work, and reemphasized that missionary service is a priesthood responsibility for every worthy, able young man. For young women it is powerful, but optional. “Today, I reaffirm strongly that the Lord has asked every worthy, able young man to prepare for and serve a mission.”

Russell M. Ballard tells of the macular degeneration that he has been experiencing. (He just can’t quite pronounce it!) Talks about the blessing of being able to look back at the things he’s seen in his life of service.

Speaking of his missionary service (missionary work x 2) in England, and how it impacted his life. The training he received as a young, full-time missionary was more important for future Church service than any other training he has received. (Very true in my case)

“My missionary service prepared me to be a better husband and father and to be successful in business. It also prepared me for a lifetime of service in the Lord’s Church.”

“My mission is where I came to know that my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me.”

The expectation for all young men to serve missions has not changed since President Kimball talked about it, and expressed gratitude for President Nelson for reenforcing it.

HUGE emphasis on serving a mission: “As an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, I call upon you young men and those young women who desire to serve a mission to begin right now to talk with your parents about serving a mission.”

and, “Commit to yourselves and to Heavenly Father that you will serve a mission and that from this time forward you will strive to keep your hearts, hands, and minds clean and worthy.”

Gave a shout-out to the missionaries who have served through the pandemic craziness.

Reminds returned missionaries “When you’re released from your mission, you are NOT released from activity in the Church,” but you need to keep moving forward and serving.

Reyna L. Aburto, 2nd Counselor Relief Society General Presidency.

Is a convert – “I attended The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the first time at the age of 26. I had recently separated from my first husband. I had a three-year-old boy. And I felt powerless with fear.”

“The church organization and its buildings exist for our spiritual benefit.” but, “The church is more than the buildings and the ecclesiastical structure. The Church is us, the members.”

“The church is the scaffolding with which we build eternal families.”

Spoke about how the Relief Society is for all sisters, no matter what the current calling or life situation. “Everywhere we go, we are always part of the Relief Society.”

“Let us not underestimate the marvelous work that the Lord is doing through us, his Church.”

“We all have afflictions that we can leave at our Saviors feet.” “We are striving to become like Jesus Christ.”

Elder David A. Bednar comes right out and admits that he doesn’t sing well, b ut loves to sing the hymns of the restoration.

They teach gospel principles and stir the soul. “Let Us All Press On,” stirs his should.

The phrase, “We will heed not, what the wicked made say, but the Lord, alone, we will obey,” intrigues him. Uses Lehi’s dream to illustrate.

Pay not attention to what the wicked may say – like the people who partook of the fruit and ignored th mocking of the people sin the Great & Spacious building.

Talked about the word “heed,” to pay attention, and give importance to.

“I pray that the Holy Ghost will bless and enlighten each of us as we consider together how we can be strengthened to “heed not” the evil influences and mocking voices of the contemporary world in which we live.”

“As we act in accordance with the truths of the gospel, we are blessed with the spiritual capacity to press focus in immortality while focusing on the joys that the savior offers us.”

Entering into covenants yokes us and binds us to the Savior and Heavenly Father.

“As we act in accordance with the truths of the gospel, we are blessed with the spiritual capacity to press forward in immortality while focusing on the joys that the Savior offers us.”

Importance of prayer, scripture study and sacrament.

Discern the absolute emptiness of anything coming from the great & spacious building. “Pay no attention to evil influences and secular scoffing.”

Talked about how “Gospel ordinances operate like a compass”. “The cardinal direction for all of us in mortality is to come unto and be perfected in Christ.”

The ability to resist temptations is promised to those individuals who hold fast to rather than merely cling to

“Please note that the ability to resist the temptations and the fiery darts of the adversary is promised to those individuals who hold fast to rather than merely cling to the word of God.”

  1. Remembering honoring & Strengthening our relationship with Christ
  2. Prayerfully, earnestly and successfully using the scriptures and words of the living prophets.

“As we are steadfast in coming unto Christ and are yoked with Him, we receive the cleansing healing and strengthening blessings of his infinite and eternal atonement.”

“Press on. Hold fast. Heed not.”

• Gotta love, “Let Us All Press On!”

• I doubt that I am the only person who thinks the flower arrangement looks like something from Avatar.

• The TV I am watching on does not have a pause button! This is way harder than normal.

Elder Neil A. Anderson – commotion and contention. (Echoing President Nelson.)

Ah, the Internet and social media. This should be interesting…

“In a world of social media and information superhighways, one person’s voice can be multiplied exponentially. That voice, whether true or false, whether fair or prejudicial, whether kind or cruel, moves instantly across the world.”

No one or no subject is immune from the polarized voices, including the Savior.

“Blessed are the peacemakers.”

“By the shield of our faith in Jesus Christ, we become peacemakers, quenching, meaning to calm, cool or extinguish, all the fiery darts of the adversary.”

“Peacemakers are not passive – they are persuasive in the Savior’s way.”

“We don’t eradicate evil with more evil. We love generously and live mercifully, even toward those we think to be our enemies.” —Reverend Amos C. Brown

“How does a peacemaker calm and cool the fiery darts? Certainly not by shrinking before those who disparage us. Rather, we remain confident in our faith, sharing our beliefs with conviction, but always void of anger or malice.”

“Spoke to the importance of agency.”

“Few in the latter days will choose to make Jesus Christ central in all they do and think.”

I love the “but,” in this quote: “Because of social media platforms, one voice of disbelief can appear to be a multitude of negative voices. But even if it is a multitude of voices, we choose the path of peacemakers.”

Talked about supporting the Arizona gay rights bill. “We, as Latter-day Saints, are “pleased to be part of a coalition of faith, business, LGBTQ people and community leaders who have worked together in a spirit of trust and mutual respect.”

Sometimes being a peacemaker means not responding, rather just being quiet. Sometimes the attacks on the Savior were so vehement that He said nothing. “Jesus taught us to withdraw from the circle of contention. When others plotted against His life, He ‘withdrew Himself.’ We too can move away from contention too.” (Huge for me on social media. I’ve been much happier since I stopped arguing on social media.)

“Cannot boundary lines exist without becoming battle lines?”

Elder Eduardo Gavarret…internet glitch….spooling…spooling…and back.

People are laughing at something – I have no idea what. I hate that.

I pieced together that he told a story of when he was a young man and was trying to get out of going to church, but instead had to go to teach a lesson about the Sabbath. “From that moment on, I began to keep the Sabbath day holy, and over time, in the words of President Russell M. Nelson, the Sabbath day has become a delight.”

“This change of heart is not an event; it takes faith, repentance, and constant spiritual work to happen. It begins when we desire to submit our will to the Lord, and it materializes when we enter into and keep covenants with Him.”

“Today is the day to decide to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. “Lord, I give you, my heart; I have nothing more to give you.”

A sweet invitation to everyone not members of the Church to visit with the missionaries and experience the “inner-transformation.”

(Sorry that was limited.)

Elder Larry H. Kacher started with a sad story of a child’s death and how the family responded by becoming more stalwart.

“As we accept the Lord’s will, He teachers us how to walk with Him.”

“All these things shall be for thine good.” (D&C 122:3)

“We recognize that obedience to God’s commands enable us to be trusted of Him. With His trust comes increased light. This light guides our journey through life and allows us to see more clearly the path we should take.”

“Indeed, we will find that there is simplicity on the other side of life’s complexities as we remain steadfast in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope.”

“Accepting God’s will in place of our own is key to finding joy no matter our circumstances.”

Lack of faith blocks our ability to see miracles, whereas a mindset of faith in the Savior unlocks the powers of heaven.

Told funny story about a man who left town to avoid being called as Stake President – got into a bad accident, came home and was called to be Stake President.

“After doing all things that lie in our power, then it is time to stand still to see the salvation of God.”

Asked a slew of questions about our faith:

  • Am I stripped of pride?
  • Do I give place in my heart for the word of God?
  • Do I give place in my heart for the will of God?
  • Do I consecrate my afflictions for my gain?
  • Have I felt the song of redeeming love?
  • Do I feel so now?

—->>>. “But as we move towards true faith in Jesus Christ our mindset begins to change. We recognize that obedience and faith in the Savior qualify us to have His Spirit always to be with us. Obedience is no longer an irritant, but becomes a quest.”

“If you find your current path in conflict with the Savior, please find your way back to him. Your exaltation and that of your posterity depend on it.”

President Henry B. Eyring:

We are each a beloved Child of God

He has servants who have foreseen the time in which we live.

Paul, “Perilous times” – yup. “The perils of greatest danger come to us from the forces of wickedness. Those forces are increasing and so it will become more difficult, not easier, to honor the covenants we must make and keep to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Shafts in the whirlwind – (mighty darts have been referenced twice already this morning.)

“Each of us, wherever we are, knows that we live in increasingly perilous times. My prayer is that I might help you stand steady in the storms we face, with a peaceful heart

The wise man built his house upon a rock… “The growing storms are the temptations and the increasing attacks of Satan. It has never been more important than it is now to understand how to build on that sure foundation.”

Talked about agency and consequences. (We believe in both.)

We want with all our hearts to not shrink at the judgment day, but to look up and smile while we hear Him say “Well done, thou good and faithful servant”

To be like a child is not to be childish, but to be like the Savior.

Talked about King Benjamin’s address: “The natural man is an enemy to god…and will be forever and ever, unless he yields to the enticings of the holy spirit, putteth off the natural man, and becometh as a child.”

“The natural man is an enemy to God…” “Our natures must be changed to become as a child to gain the strength we must have to stand steady and at peace in times of peril.”

“The prayer that works is “I only want what you want…tell me what that is, and I’ll do it.”

“Faith in Jesus Christ always leads to greater hope and to feelings of charity toward others, which is the true love of Christ.”

• So many talks speaking to how aggressively the adversary will be attacking, and how we need to respond.

• Sorry about the missed part – my internet is a bit spotty – here in Mexico.

• Beach time! See you in a couple hours!

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