Date Nightus Inturruptus

Oh, how I love Date Night.   Friday is my time to be with my EC and ignore everything, and everybody else.  We usually fall back on the old standby of a movie and dinner, but we both love movies and dinner. (Can’t beat a giant screen, popcorn and fizzy, caffeinated beverages.)

This week. Date Night was scuttled. My EC has the flu, as do two of the FOML.  I stood firm, and refused to participate in the non-productive event.  Until yesterday.  At 3:05pm.  It hit me like a freight train. Fever, aches, shakes, cough, devil eyes, etc.

So, I quickly ran to the Doc and got a prescription for Tamiflu.  I’ve never had it, but if it woks, I’m going to look up this “Tami” and thank her.

My EC keeps insisting that we got the flu because we weren’t on the ball enough to get flu shots this year.

I tend to think it had more to do with me posting a picture of Halle Berry next to Elder Holland last Monday.

You be the judge.


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  1. Since no one has commented, I won’t annoy anyone for commenting a year later. Anyway, the flu is a good excuse to grab a video and do nothing. That’s always fun. One Christmas, my entire family got the flu. Between Christmas and New Years, we didn’t want to infect anyone so we all just stayed home and took turns taking care of each other. It was probably the most peaceful Christmas we ever had.

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