The Feeling is Mutual (Pt. 1)

Bishop Victor L. Brown
Bishop Victor L. Brown 1914-1996
If you are currently serving with the youth, have youth, or ever will be involved with the Mutual program, this is my gift to you.

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, Victor L. Brown gave the best talk in the history of the Church regarding the Young Men & Young Women Programs. Yes, the talk is 35 years old. But it reads like it could have been written yesterday. Bishop Brown was the Presiding Bishop of the Church in 1975, before many of you were even born.

I have been fortunate enough to work with the youth for half my adult life. I have served as a Scoutmaster, Young Men President, Scout Committee Chairman, and Bishop. And I have 5 kids. The only reason I am trotting out my resume is to encourage you to believe me when I beg you to read this talk,

Nope, no jokes today. Not even about those sweet glasses. Or the fact that he was Canadian, because it wasn’t his fault.

(Tomorrow – jokes aplenty)

Here is the link to the talk:  http://lds.org/ensign/1975/11/the-vision-of-the-aaronic-priesthood?lang=eng&query=victor+brown+youth

Yes, I think it would be appropriate to print out copies of this talk and make pretty frames to put them in, and hang them in the YM & YW rooms, as well as an additional framed copy, with an easel, to take to BYC.


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  1. Thanks for posting this. As a mom of 7 boys and wife to a man who has been in ym most of our marriage, this talk rings true. In too many cases counselors and ym presidents are not as dedicated to this important work as they should be. Men in these callings should be those with the strongest testimonies, not those who are hit or miss with their dedication. That may sound harsh, but I want my boys to get the best out of their ym activities and grow their own testimonies, not have disappointments week after week from leaders who don’t put forth an effort.

  2. Man, that’s heavy stuff! Hard to swallow maybe but true. We can’t imitate the world and expect to win. Ours is a higher goal. Interesting post, MMM.

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