I Choose to Believe

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Some choose to believe that this world is all there is – that it happened by some fluke, a coincidence.

Some choose to believe that there is no Supreme Being – no God, nor Creator. No one.

Some choose to believe that we are random – merely here “because.”

Some choose to believe that life is about getting what you can get – and the only rules are those society fabricates for itself.

Some choose to believe that Jesus was a myth – a fantasy conjured up by desperate people.

Some choose to believe there could have been a Jesus – who was a pretty good teacher and philosopher.

Some choose to believe that when they die, it is all over. Forever.

Some choose to believe that they will spend their lives forging bonds with loved ones that will be destroyed at death – never to see their departed loved ones again.

Some choose to believe that they are forever broken – beyond repair.

Some choose to believe that life is a continual struggle – eventually resulting in eternal nothingness.

Some people choose to believe that life is darkness, and meaningless.

Some people choose doubt and fear.


I can’t do that.

I choose to believe.

I choose to believe that there is a God, who is the Father of my Spirit. And He loves me.

I choose to believe that everything around us, including us, is part of His design for our eternal happiness.

I choose to believe that He has established a way of living that can ensure our return home to Him.

I choose to believe that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to earth, to show us that way of living.

I choose to believe that Jesus Christ was more than a teacher or philosopher. He came as the Savior of all mankind. Amazingly, that includes me.

I choose to believe that He willingly gave His life, and came alive again, clothed in glory and immortality.

I choose to believe that because of this, Jesus broke the chains of death, and that every person that has lived on this earth will be reunited with their body – clothed in glory and immortality.

I choose to believe that I will again see my mother, father, brother who left this life years ago. We will be reunited.

I choose to believe that even though I am broken, I am not beyond repair – the Savior can mend me through the power of His great atoning sacrifice.

I choose to believe that the pain, anguish, bitterness, suffering, grief, guilt and horrors of this life can be swallowed up by His atoning sacrifice – if I am but willing to accept His offer.

I choose to believe that life can be filled with joy and light. The light which chases away the darkness.

I choose to believe that there is a point to this life. A meaning.

I choose to believe in hope.

I choose to believe that hope, joy, meaning and light only exist because of, and through, my Savior, Jesus Christ.

I choose to praise Him, and worship Him.

Jesus the Consolator
Jesus the Consolator – Karl Bloch

A blessed Easter to you all.

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  1. I believe those things too! And there’s a few things I know. I know we have a Heavenly Father who hears and answers our prayers, and I know we are blessed when we pay our tithing.

  2. I pondered my belief today as I sat in our services listening to great speakers speaking on the Atonement with my step-mom, who is a Methodist. More correctly, I pondered her beliefs. While she believes in Christ, she has a very different view of the Atonement and it’s purposes, and can’t fathom the idea of eternal living, with Heavenly Father, or her parents, or friends who have gone before. It makes me sad, yet in my heart as much as I love her, I can’t wait for her to have the reality shown to her. I too, choose to believe. I believe there is a man, named Jesus Christ, even Jehovah, Savior, Redeemed, who came to fulfill God’s plan to give us each a pathway to choose home and eternal life. I believe He succors me in times of pain, sorrow, confusion, and fear. I believe He is the Light that lights the darkness Satan tries to weave around me and the world every day. I am grateful for the redeeming sacrifice he gave so that, me a sinner, could repent and try again. That because of and through him, my four minutes can be rewritten. I am thankful that I know and do believe, so I am comforted that this life isn’t all for naught. Thank you for sharing this today.

  3. This is not our home. Sometimes we act as though we are going to stay here, when we aren’t, we cant, and we wont. ~Jeffrey R Holland
    I believe! It’s all true! ~Marianne

  4. This was the most perfect post for my Easter Sunday 🙂 My husband and I are in Turkey and this post was particularly meaningful today as we started off feeling a bit alone this morning as some of the only members of the Church in a city of nearly 20 million, let alone the entire country. They used to believe and were nearly all Christians, and now it seems to be pretty much what the first part of your post talks about (due to a leader secularizing the nation completely within a few generations in the 1930’s). They don’t believe in Jesus Christ anymore. Yet this morning as we were walking into a gorgeous LDS Church building in the heart of Istanbul, I felt strengthened by what I believe and didn’t feel alone anymore. I am thankful I choose to believe, just as you do. There are three sets of missionaries here and two couples serving in the area who are the first to be back into the country for many, many years. Seeing them here is humbling and they are gathering those who are choosing to believe, too 🙂

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