2014: Top Ten Funniest MMM Posts

I went through my stats for 2014 and pulled out the ten most popular “funny” posts.  It was trickier than you would think, because so many of them that start out humorous end up being quite serious. I mostly chose those that are just silly. These are not necessarily my favorite posts, but it is impossible to pick a favorite. You see, they are like my children. I love them all equally, some of the time.

Squirrel selfi#10: Squirrel Selfie Karma


Fathers Day Coupons.indd#9: Father’s Day Coupon Ideas for Teenagers


Copter#8: Why I Would Be a Terrible Action Hero


Concerts impromptu#7: Concerts Impromptu – Finally!


pill bottles#6: The Walking Pharmacy


fiasco#5: 12 Tips for Husbands: Tips that Didn’t Make the Cut

Dear Family Search#4: Dear Family Search: Here are My Suggestions



#3: Fredikiahha, the Frustrated Nephite

(OK, the first half is funny – the second half is quite serious.)


Gift Ideas

#2: Unconventional Christmas Ideas – For Mormons



#1: Standing in the Liquor Aisle

There you go. I will leave it to you to determine if popularity is a good judge of quality: Lady Gaga and Rap Music, anyone?)

Happy New Year to all of you, and may we find plenty of things to laugh about in ’15.

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  1. Just shared “Cha cha cha” with my daughter who’s home for Christmas. Sooooooooo funny. It was fun laughing with her til it hurt.

  2. Thanks for helping to making 2014 the good year it was. You added to my laughs. You added much to my learning.

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