It’s Not Too Late to Submit Your Conversion Stories

IHACD badge 4This coming Sunday marks the 4th Annual International Hug a Convert Day, and I know there are a few of you out there still wrestling with the idea of submitting your story.  There is still time! Don’t wimp out on us!

If you decide to share your own story on IHACD4, I would consider it a great honor.   I will start running stories on June 7. Type it up, and email it to me at mmm@middleagedmormonman.com, and be sure to include a photo. It doesn’t have to be long, or fancy. Short and simple is just as powerful.

For more details, you can look at this post “Starting Point – My Ancestor’s Conversion Stories.”

Thanks.  And use, I tore myself away from Scout Camp to extend this invitation.

Now, back to the zoo.



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