Welcome to Earth, Ellie


Monday morning we added a sweet bundle of joy to our family. I would like to introduce you to Elizabeth, “Ellie” McBride. She is the daughter of my eldest son, Taylor and his most excellent EC, Mallory.

Taylor, Mallory Ellie

Yes, I am now a grampa. Pretty cool. (It is weird to look back and realize that I started blogging when Taylor was barely on his mission…Now he’s a father!)

grampa ellie

I appreciate all of the likes and kind comments on my Facebook post. I feel like I have just joined a special club of sorts. (A club of old people.)

Chrissie, my EC, will be the sweetest grandmother ever – to which those of you who already know her will say, “Well, duh!.” (It would probably be best if I don’t point out that she is still anguishing over what to have the grandkids call her… so I won’t.)

Chrissie Ellie


About the name: I once wrote a post about baby names, and my concern that my kids might do something stupid. I am very relieved to say that they did GREAT! This lovely little girl has been given a beautiful, classic, Biblical name, which she won’t have to explain, or spell for the rest of her mortal existence. An early act of kindness on the part of her parents.

“Elizabeth.”   Well done, kids.

She is cute and snuggly and all that good stuff. She also represents a profound shift in our family history and dynamic: Ellie represents a new generation on our Family Tree. My family history focus is usually about adding generations of ancestors, but this little one qualifies as a new descendent.

It is reassuring as a grandparent to know that this little girl, fresh from heaven, is part of a young family who will love her, and raise her right. Her parents are solid, righteous, and reek of goodness. Ellie is greatly blessed. In addition, she is surrounded by a new aunt that will rightfully serve as a role-model from here on out. Add three new uncles to the mix, and an extended family of tremendous people, and you have a veritable army ready to love and protect this wee girl.

I was driving in to work today, and swung by the hospital – just to get a quick “fix” and then be on my way. The excitement and love was palpable. For a brief stay, that LDR room has transformed into “Home” for an eternal family. It doesn’t matter where they are, because they are bound together.

And so are we.


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  1. AuntSue
    Congratulations! Grandchildren are the reward! You have enough parenting experience to feel more relaxed about it, and just enjoy your time with them. But when I first held my oldest grandchild, it was such a profound spiritual moment. It felt as if I had made a covenant in heaven to watch over this child, and be responsible for him if his parents could not. I had always wondered why grandparents would bankrupt themselves emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially to rescue their grandchildren, and know I knew why. So far, my kids are doing a pretty great job, so I am in charge of stories, songs, fruit snacks, cookies and popsicles.
    As for names, one grandboy calls me Grandma Popsic (yes, I am a supplier), one calls me mom-mom, some call me Grammie, and the older ones call me Grandma. Please do not be like some grandmothers who pick a new name because grandma sounds too old!

  2. Congratulations…Your post exudes pure love – your family is so blessed! Congratulations, and yes, it’s a great name! (Does she have a middle name? I don’t think you mentioned one…) We answer to Grandma & Grandpa – but we’d answer to anything they call us, seriously! Treasure each moment, she will grow up WAY faster than your own kids.

  3. You worry about being a grandpa, I am the proud great-great grandma of two and all of those in between. at 85 yrs it is a fantastic journey. Laura M.

  4. There is actually a site online with lists of grandparent names. Being from the south we are Nana and Papa. I really lobbied for Lolly and Pops but got totally shot down! who knew it was such a big deal what you are called! My daughter in laws parents are Noni and quack quack. He keeps trying to change to grandpa but all of us are hoping quack quack sticks. Grandkids are the best!

  5. Congratulations! Grandchildren are the best. In general, in most public references and stories, it’s always Grandpa and Grandma. (We added last names to note which side.) Just like she has a beautiful “regular” name, keep the titles the same. I’m not saying this is your EC’s problem, but I think the proliferation of nanas, memaws, grannies, etc, is an attempt by some to be cute or deny the situation. At least that’s what several women have told me–Grandma sounds so OLD! So what? Grandma is an wonderful and venerable tradition.

  6. Sweet! We have an Elisabeth, too (but s, not z). It’s a great name.


  7. We already had an “Elizabeth” in the family so, our 27 year old daughter is Bethany. I love her name! Sweet, biblical, and just a little bit different!

  8. so much fun! congrats to the whole family…
    Our family is boring… just grandma and grandpa fugal on one side, and grandma and grandpa mellor on the other… my friend ‘s family uses first names with a title, Papa Dave & Papa Steve, and Grandma Lori & Grandma Marie.

  9. Aww! Congratulations!
    My mother in law requested our kids call her “Grams” in case that’s another name your wife hasn’t heard of yet…What exciting times!

  10. Congratulations! She is a little beauty isn’t she…and Elizabeth is such a beautiful classic name, its my youngest daughters middle name. I am so happy for you…we just welcomed a grand daughter as well so I can completely relate to the excitement and joy that you are feeling right now. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  11. Welcome to the club.
    I was pa-ga for about a year till their little tongues could get the letters right. We think gramma & grampa are the best.

  12. Lovely! I always thought that grandchildren should come first. After my eldest wad born my mother continued to waffle about what he should call her (i’my in no way implying that your EC is waffling ). I knew MY mother would NEVER answer to anything remotely resembling “gran” anything, so I dubbed her Nanna, and that was that. Just a thought. (My dad goes by Pappa, in case you were wondering; and my MIL is grandma, so there’s no confusion. )
    Congrats to all, and enjoy reveling in the beauty of it all!

  13. A wonderful time. I’m Grandpa, or Pop pop, depending on the family. Enjoy.

  14. I completely understand all the joy and emotions you have experienced the past few days. I remember when my first grandchild was born, he was hardly laid down for the first 3 weeks of his life. You would have thought he was the first grandchild ever born in the world. I never expected all the emotions and love that came with grandparenthood, it was and is overwhelming. All I can say is enjoy the journey, from here on out it goes at warp speed. My first grand will be a senior next year, then BYU and a mission, there are 12 coming right behind him. No I’m not getting older, they are!

    An option for your EC, most of my grands call me Mema, pronounced Memaw.

    I agree, Elizabeth is a beautiful name. One to inspire and live up to and when she grows older she may choose to be called that instead of Ellie. I was a Vickie until my mid thirties when I insisted that I go by my given name which I liked so much better.

  15. Grandkids are so fun, you’ll wish you had them first! Don’t worry what she will call you – she’ll give you a name in time. I am “Guggy” – so labeled by first grandchild who is almost 12. I wear it with pride., and have 7 more who call me the same.

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