Why a Book? A Q&A With Myself

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I know some of you are curious as to why I would issue a blog collection, especially in such a primitive format. This might help…

Q: Why would you create a book out of your blog posts? Haven’t you ever heard the expression, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?”

A: Good question, with several answers.

1) It turns out that not everyone reads blogs. I know, weird. Some people would rather hold a book in their hand than to read off of a screen. I’m trying to be there for them, too.

2) The book consists of approximately 60 of what I consider the ‘more important’ posts. They are revised, edited, footnoted and indexed – just in case you need a little help preparing an FHE lesson or a talk.

3) The posts might not always be there. I can think of two ways that can happen – first, aliens might invade and detonate an EMP that would render all our electronics useless, or second, I might have already gone through and deleted those key posts from the archive.

4) A lot of my loyal readers might be willing to purchase a hard copy, just because they are so nice to me, and I’ve been giving it away for a long time.

Q: Why the title “There’s a Message in There Somewhere?”

A: One of the core parts of my blog has been finding gospel truths in everyday life, and finding new ways to teach them. It seems I look at the world a little differently than many people, and sometimes it can serve to help make complex things simpler to understand.

Q: Did you proofread?

A: Yes. What a painfully boring task. It was edited, too. But I guarantee that if you look closely, you will still find an occasional typo or grammatical lapse – just so you don’t forget who you are dealing with. Imperfection is part of my charm.

Q: Kindle? Nook?

A: Perhaps later. Not in the works yet.

Q: Why now?

A: I felt that five years and 1,000 posts represented a milestone, and provided plenty of material to sort through which I feel deserves to outlive this blog. Also, I don’t want to hand my posterity a 3,000 page volume and say, “Here, read this.”

Q: How do I buy it?

A: Click HERE




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  1. The #1 BEST reason for electronic formats is Overseas Postage of Real Books.

    The #2 Best reason for electronic formats is mine: space limitations. When we left Alaska, I had 12,000 pounds of books. When we left Springville, UT, I had 10,000 pounds of books. When we left Bloomington (the mildew capital of the world) IN, only 5,000 pounds of books had survived.

    Today, we are in Texas, and our move last week meant NO MORE physical books until we moved, unpacked, and found how much room we now have in what will probably be the apartment where I finally die. (I ain’t movin’ NO MORE!!!)

    As soon as we are unpacked, I shall order your book — especially if there are still Arby coupons involved.

  2. Did you include any of the Fam History posts? If so, that starts and finishes my Christmas shopping!

    1. I’m sorry to say that I did not. Saving those for a different project. Merry Christmas?

  3. Looks like we can’t get it here in Australia, either. Have been hanging out for this since you had a survey some time ago testing if anyone would be interested in a book. Now it looks like we are excluded, even though the ordering page includes Australia in the list of countries. Help!

    1. Working on the international freight. In the meantime, use it as an opportunity to develop patience.

  4. Interesting dialogue of Q and A with yourself. I like your perspective and insight—as always. As soon as I get to the computer I’ll place my order. I worry about the security of financial transactions on my phone.

  5. Order complete – was I one of the first 5? 10? 100? 1000? Do I get a bonus for ordering early? I so hope I get something special….

  6. ‘Will you still talk to us “little people” when you get even more famous? Are you going to keep blogging?

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