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IHACD5 Sumbit

Believe it or not, June 5th marks the 5th official “International Hug a Convert Day.” What started out as a whim has become something that many of us look forward to each year.

As my long-time readers know, the first Sunday in June has been set aside, (by me) as International Hug a Convert Day. (Or IHACD, for short.)  IHACD has become one of my favorite things on this blog, and I can’t believe we are already in our fifth year. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be strengthened.

I love converts. I stand in awe of them. I want to hug them. (Both figuratively and literally) I love to hear their stories – the challenges they overcame – the faith they relied on – the miracles they experienced – the way the Lord lined up the dominos just right. I also have come to realize that publishing these stories is my small way of pushing back against the morass of those willing to shout their stories of de-conversion on the internet.


If you would like to share your own story on IHACD5, I would consider it a great honor.   This year I will be running ALL of the stories on June 5th. Type yours up, and email it to me at mmm@middleagedmormonman.com, and be sure to include a photo. It doesn’t have to be long, or fancy. Short and simple is just as powerful.  I will include as many as I can. This is a safe place, and I won’t allow any critical comments.

Remember – this truly is international. We have been blessed with stories from all over the world: Hungary, England, China, Australia, Germany, etc.

Even if you do not want to publish your story – write it down anyway, and give you loved ones a copy before you file it away. Too often we let those important events slip by without documenting them. There might be rough times where you might need to revisit those experiences and feelings.

If you are hesitant because you don’t know how to write it up, please look here: “Conversion Stories.”  I have archived most of the stories from this event over the past four years. They are not all fancy, but they are sincere.


• Read, and comment. Nicely. IHACD is a day where only love and appreciation will be acceptable on the comment page.  Also, spread the word on Facebook or Twitter, or whatever your favorite social media site.  I will post Facebook links throughout the day on June 5th.

• You can also help by sharing this link today so that more converts know that we are excited to hear their stories.

• If you know someone who you think might be willing to share their story, please pass this on to them, and encourage them.

• If you are interested in how this idea came about, read this post from 2012.

• June 5th is also Fast & Testimony Meeting for most of us.  It would be a great time to express appreciation for those who had the courage to join the Church – whether in your family history, or someone else’s. We are all here because of someone’s conversion story.

• For every conversion story, there is usually a missionary story as well. Write those down.  Your posterity needs them, and you might, too.


Please, I beg of you, don’t write a comment saying, “We are all converts.” I will delete it.

I know, I know – at some point in time, we all need to experience a conversion. But unless your conversion required you to have an interview with missionaries, be baptized, and be listed on the church records as a convert baptism – I’m not talking about you – even though I am extremely happy you are on board.  Maybe one day we will have a “Hug Someone Who Already Belonged to the Church, and Then Was Converted Day.”  June 5 is not that day. (But if you need a hug, let us know.)


Katrina Brooks baptism

(Katrina Brook’s Baptism)

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  1. Maybe one day we will have a “Hug Someone Who Already Belonged to the Church, and Then Was Converted Day.” Actually a great idea. My husband was born in the church, but not truly converted until he was able to overcome his addiction through the church’s Addiction Recovery Program. Also born in the church, I received my own testimony while at the MTC preparing to serve a mission. I would love to hear/read others’ stories!!!

  2. I commented for possibly the first time ever on that inaugural IHACD post. And this year, I get to share my husband’s story!! 😀

  3. I love this idea. I am fairly new to your blog and love it. I am forwarding this to my convert husband. Hopefully he will share his conversion story. It was a very spiritual experience but he has shared with family and close friends. The Bishop asked my husband to share his conversion story in a talk at Sacrament meeting. It so happened that Elder Ballard happened to be there. He came up to my husband afterwards and have him a big hug and told him he would make a great Missionary. It just so happened my husband was called to be a Ward Missionary that very Sunday.

      1. He does but he is going to shorten it. It is pretty long. He will be sending soon.

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