Hugs for Kathleen Newberry!

     I was brought up in the Church of England, and was one of those children who was harassed before, during and after school, well kids started to do it on my way to church and so I prayed for 3 weeks, asking my Heavenly Father to find me the true church and I knew I would not get beat up.
     Then my Mum said that we would be going to a new church. The Missionaries had been to our home (when I was at school) and gave my Mum the Book of Mormon and she gained her own Testimony. Two weeks after she and my Dad were Baptized my Dad baptized me.
     Although I didn’t understand everything that I was taught in my classes, I knew that Heavenly Father had answered my Prayers and that he wanted me in this church. I was Baptised 5 May 1976.
     I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Saint is True with all my heart.
Kathleen E Killgallon Newberry
Kathleen Newberry



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  1. I loved reading this experience of Heavenly Father hearing and answering the prayer of a child. He truly DOES love His litte ones! ❤

  2. Love how you knew Heavenly Father answered your prayers and He wanted you in His church. What a powerful witness at a young age! Yay!

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