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For the first part of my life February 5 held no special significance. It was just a regular cold, dreary day somewhere between Groundhog’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

Little did I know, but in a small town in Eastern Arizona, something happened on that day that would change the course of my mortal life and eternity. Yes, on February 5th, the baby girl that would grow up to become my Eternal Companion was born.

Think about that for a second. Sure, you could say that it is merely my wife’s birthday, but I would offer that is more than that. Much more. That day in February commemorates the single most important birth that has occurred in my lifetime. Am I overstating? Nope.

Not only that, but today on February 5, I commemorate the birth of the favorite person that I have ever met – and there are lots. This is the one person that I decided to spend my forever with and – even more astounding and inexplicable – she made the same determination. (I know, I know – it is hard to get your brain around that last part. Me too.)

It wasn’t until I was 24 years old that I found out about this important day, and I missed some things along the way. Specifically: I missed her riveting performance as “Miss Spring” in her elementary school class production:

Miss SPring



Now we have been together for 30 years. I have the privilege of knowing her better than anyone else in the world, as she knows me. I’m honored.

To better celebrate her special day. I’m going to forgo my normal Sunday religious post as simply let you all know how much I adore my sweet wife. She is my world. She is a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother and friend.

She is a gift.

As far as birthday stuff goes, I still am irritated that the NFL never got back to me about moving their little shindig to another day, but at least the baby back ribs were on sale.

I can’t tell you about her birthday presents yet, because we won’t open them until tonight, but I can tell you what I wanted to get her:

Six pillowcases with great big numbers 1-6 printed on them. I figure it could not only help her as she makes all the necessary pillow adjustments before attempting sleep, it could also help me make the bed correctly. (Maybe I should start a Kickstarter campaign.)

Have a great Sunday! My best to all of you. Make you all have a newfound appreciation for February 5.

That is it for today. I’ll start Sunday Night Check-in at 8:00pm, but I am not going to monitor it. I’m holding you to your own honor code.


Oh – if you want to wish her a happy birthday, here is her Facebook link.



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  1. Sorry, I’m a week behind on reading your blog but this made me cry and cry. That was a beautiful tribute!

  2. Love that 2 of my cousins popped up on your wife’s friends list. Happy Birthday to your lovely bride.

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