When the Cat’s Away…


My lovely Eternal Companion is in Utah this week, working with my favorite daughter on her wedding plans. I came home to work. (You get the connection.)

Life around here without Mom is a little bit different than normal. It is just me and the high-schooler. When the cat’s away… the mice get downright boring.

Things I don’t do when my EC is away:

  • Make the bed.
  • Push the buttons down on my soda cup lid to identify which drink is mine.
  • Eat balanced meals.
  • Turn on all the lights “so it looks like someone lives here.”
  • Open blinds “so it looks like someone lives here.”
  • Shave.
  • Ask her to repeat herself because I wasn’t paying attention.
  • Tryout new hairstyles.
  • Remember to remind Ryan to check the dog’s water.
  • Go to QT. (Circle K is cheaper.)

Things I DO when she’s away:

  • Wander around the house at night because I can’t sleep.
  • Squeegee the shower. (She has me trained pretty well.)
  • Unplug the landline phone.
  • Watch recorded TV shows, then pretend I waited for her.
  • Text her repeatedly asking her “What are you doing now?”
  • Park on her side of the garage.
  • Dig out the old superhero outfit and run around at night protecting the community.
  • Use paper plates and cups when not eating out of a wrapper.
  • Listen to loud music when I’m showering and getting ready.
  • Work more hours.
  • Go to food places she doesn’t like. (Today, Wendy’s, but I am now boycotting them because the did away with the spicy chicken nuggets.)
  • Accidentally broadcast myself on Facebook Live.
  • Pout.

I prefer normal.



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  1. Glad you put your Super Hero on! Always feel safer when a Super Hero is around. Kudos for the shower squeegee and not leaving dirty dishes and missing your wife.

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