Converting Hug a Convert Day

Hang on! Wait just a second….I need to explain something!

Historically, (which means the last 5 years) International Hug a Convert Day has been held on the first week of June. This year it is different.

It is not today.

You may be asking a few questions. The first is “Why?”

A couple of reasons:

  1. June has always coincided with a drop in blog traffic and readership. Everyone is off their routines, heading out on vacation, etc. I feel that IHACD deserves more attention than that. Instead, I want to push it to a time when the vast majority of us are back to the normal grind, schools are back in session, and readership pops back up.
  2. I had a busy May, and did not have time to actively solicit contributions to the event. I also did nothing to publicize it. Again, IHACD deserves better, because it is awesome.

And so, it is with great excitement and respect that I announce that this year, and henceforth, IHACD will be held on the first Sunday in September. This year that means September 3, 2017.  Yes, this is Labor Day weekend, I know some people will be traveling, but it is also a Fast Sunday, and easy to remember.

What this means to you:

-If you have already submitted your conversion story, thank you.

-If you have not, get to it, and send it to me by August 15.    mmm@middleagedmormonman.com Drop me a line if you have any questions.

-If you have friends or family that you think have a conversion story that would bless the lives of others, or bless the life of the convert in the telling, please encourage them to contribute.

In the meantime, if you were just itching to read some terrific stories of faith, testimony and conversion, might I direct your attention to the tab a the top of the page that reads, “Conversion Stories.”  There are almost 100 to choose from. Knock yourself out. (Grab a tissue first.)

If you don’t know what IHACD is all about, here is a brief description from a previous post:

Being raised in the Church, my conversion process was relatively easy. Because of this, I have this sense of awe towards those who came to the Gospel and joined the Church as converts.  You could say that I am a bit star-struck.  Partially because I question if would have ever made that choice, and partially because I know the struggles some go through to make the conversion.

To any of you readers out there that are converts to the Church: You are amazing. 

Over the years I have been deeply involved as people have joined the church, as a full-time missionary, a friend, and a priesthood leader. I know that sometimes the decision to convert can have a devastating impact on one’s life. Some are disowned, some are shunned, some lose their jobs, friends, families – all in exchange for the opportunity to enter into the Lord’s KIngdom on the earth.  A Kingdom that is highly demanding, wrapped in a confusing culture, and different than any other religion on the earth.

Like I said before: Converts are amazing. I hope you understand how much I love and respect you for finding and embracing the truth. I’m not trying to embarrass anyone, but I think you are deserving of our thanks and praise.

Converts to the Church bring an excitement and a vibrancy, with them. They serve as a reminder to those of us who have been at this a long time that it is more than just a way of life. It is a wonderful decision that rains blessings down on us every day of our lives.  Sometimes we just forget.

My heartfelt thanks to those of you who found the truth, made the sacrifices to embrace the Gospel, and joined the Church. I am grateful for your faith, your example, and your testimonies.


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