Hugs for David Stratman!

My story begins in Indiana…

Lynne and I had gone to school together, and as life goes went our separate ways.  Facebook brought us together again. She is happily married with 10 kids.  We talked about the past present and future while we had lunch and she expressed her love of the church. When I told her I was moving to Utah,  she made me promise that I would meet with the missionaries while I was out here.

After moving, and breaking up with the lady I was out here with, I was on my way from Heber City, Utah heading back to Logan. I decided that instead, I would head back to Indiana.  As I got close to the exit I started feeling like I needed to be in Logan.  As I got to the exit I wanted to turn but could not turn the wheel.

From that moment  I decided to meet with the missionaries.   And the rest they say is history.  I found love for the church and love for Jesus Christ that I thought i lost many years ago.  I was baptized and now getting ready to enter the temple. My life is has come full circle and have married and adopted 2 beautiful girls…

THANKS, David!

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  1. Thanks for sharing 🙂 So cool that you have become a true follower of Jesus Christ again.

  2. The Lord can work in many ways, even keeping you from taking an exit. Congratulations on your conversion and your lovely family.

  3. So glad you were unable to make that turn! Thanks for sharing your wonderful story!

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