International Hug a Convert Day: It’s On!

Today marks the 6th annual International Hug a Convert Day, or IHACD6, for short. It is a day where I like to show my appreciation for those who took the leap of faith required to join the Church.

I will be publishing stories of those conversions all day long. After a small “Technical Glitch” we are ready to get rolling.  (And by “Technical Glitch” I mean that I slept in.)

My thanks to all those who submitted this year. The stories are wonderful, and I appreciate your willingness to share them with us, and the world. I am also glad that you documented your experience for your posterity as well.

I’l start posting in a few minutes – my apologies to all this who get bombarded by my posts on Facebook and email – but that is the small price you pay for so much goodness.



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  1. Just like temple work, sometimes you have to wait a little longer. Looking forward to when I can tell my dad’s conversion story.
    as a teaser…my mom was sealed to her parents only a few weeks before she was sealed to my dad. What is even stranger is that my great grandfather, was my dad’s bishop when they met. try and figure that one out.

  2. I have always wished I could hug Belinda Marden and Parley P. Pratt, my ancestral converts on my dad’s side of our family. One day I will!

  3. I did tell my story earlier, but I do not see it now. I suppose it is a dull story. And the reason I tell my story as I did is that I saw and heard President Gordon B. Hinckley about to be introduced and the introducer said the he was going to read all of President Hinckley’s accomplishments, when President Hinckley told him, dont say all of that, just tell them that I am Gordon Hinckley, and I am their friend. It is not about me, It is about our Heavenly Father and the Atonement of JESUS CHRIST, the Redeemer and Savior of all mankind.

  4. The past 10-15 days have been super-busy and brutal here in Texas, and I’ve had the opportunity to be the guy in the chair with the phones and the computers. (i.e. – our High Priests’ Group leader is in California & activating the home teachers & find out where rescues were needed fell to his bumbling assistant) I shall undoubtedly be too late for this year’s Convert Day.

    I can tell you that I’ve been converted all over again, seeing the many and mighty miracles (and I mean MIRACLES) of the past week. Also have a FIERY new testimony of the home/visit teaching and welfare programs. Working with civic organizations and other churches, I see that every single one of them is troubled with disorganization and wasted energies & time. They are trying their best, but there is a lot of chaos because of either no one in charge, or arguing because of who is or isn’t in charge. Within the church, I see leaders called of God (men AND women) and people who don’t necessarily like them being in charge, but who are putting their likes or dislikes aside because THEY SUPPORT GOD’S CHOICES. Any bickering is being (quote) “saved until after the crises.”

    If you ever hear of me disbelieving a word of this Gospel, kick me in the head.

    1. Grandpa Chet, Thank you for your testimony and incite. We are praying for you good folks in Texas and donating to organizations who can really help you….it’s the best we can do from afar. So sad to see all the devastation and heart break but so proud of you Texans who are meeting the challenge and helping each other.

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