To All Things New, Including Years

Look at that face. Doesn’t that look like the face of someone who is happy to be here and take on this thing we call mortality? A little bit of a grin, a little bit of curiosity. The brow furrows are going in the right direction.

I want to look at life like that. Starting with 2018.

Let me introduce you to my new grandson, Owen. He was born two weeks ago to FOML2, (Taylor and Mallory). He is as beautiful and adorable as he is pictured here. We have spent the last week visiting family here in Utah. Spent a lot of time holding the baby, and playing hide-and-seek with my granddaughter Ellie:

We’ve hit Jumanji (thumbs up) , played card games, played HQtrivia whenever it pops up, and ate way too many fattening things. Needless to say, it has been a great trip.

But a weird trip.

We have never travelled over Christmas holiday. We usually spend it at home. Other than my mission, and one Christmas early in our marriage, I have always spent Christmas and New Years at home. Being on the road is different. But a good kind of different.

One thing that has been apparent is that I have had precious little time for social media. Another thing that is weird is that I usually spend some time between holidays to do some year-end stuff; reviewing work stuff, finances, and personal stuff; goal setting, making plans, etc.

I am completely unprepared to tackle 2018 with any kind of plan, so I need to remember two things.

  1. Having the right attitude going into the new year will matter more than having a plan. I like Owen’s attitude.
  2. Just because we live on a calendar year doesn’t mean that our individual progress is tied to the calendar. Any day is a good day to start anew and to make new plans, goals, and even change our attitudes.

So, while my New Year’s Day will be spent on the road, I know any day of the year can be a “new” year. It would probably be better for me to make monthly resolutions than to make yearly resolutions anyway. I am also at my best when I make weekly resolutions as I participate in the Lord’s way of giving us a new start.

That is it for today. May you have a safe New Year’s Eve, and a blessed New Year.

All my best,

PS: I recorded a podcast with Shawn Rapier of “Latter-day Lives. It was fun, and I’m hoping I didn’t say too many stupid things.  I will post the link tomorrow morning when it is live.


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  1. Happy New Year MMM and family. I think 2018 is going to be great, maybe not easy but still great….that’s my attitude and desire.

  2. Where IS that LIKE button?? Enjoyed the post, especially the two things to remember. Thanks, Brad!

  3. Happy Grandpa Day! New babies in the family brighten our lives. I need to do more contemplating the next year, and the next week. Good food for thoughts.

  4. Happy New Year 🙂 And Ellie was probably closing her eyes, so the pole worked….ha! Darling 🙂

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