Ye Olde Cup Runneth Over

Good Sabbath! Sometimes there is too much life to be lived to spend time writing about it. This is one of those weeks. Her is a quick peek into what our week has been like.

Our missionary came home! Elder Dan has returned from the Mexico, Xalapa mission, full of energy, Spirit and who knows what manner of parasites..

Airport reunions are wonderfully visible and cheesy. I love them. As for the missionary: He is very huggable, speaks too fast, loves the carpet, and is a joy to be around. Missions do wonderful things to those who serve them, the families they leave behind, and the people they serve.

One of the all-time great hugs.

Also, this weekend we celebrate our sweet grandson Owen receiving a name and blessing. He is the little guy that is having some physical struggles, so the emotions already run very close to the surface. Invoking the authority and power of the priesthood through prayer and ordinances boosts the faith of everyone involved. Proud of my son and daughter-in-law who are working their way through his struggles with grace and faith. They don’t get any cuter than this:

This morning we are off to watch as our son reports on his mission to the High Council, followed by his report in Sacrament meeting. Supportive family and friends from all over have rolled in to be a part of it. It is wonderful.

To be sure, every family has highs and lows. There are times that things are just clicking, and fall into place. There are other times when everything is a struggle. On a week like this, we overlook the problems and focus on the joy and blessing that are right in front of us.

I feel grateful and content. And old. (In a good way.) I also don’t feel much like blogging about my life when I’m busy living it.

Have a great sabbath!


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  1. What a great report Danny (Elder McBride) gave today. We so enjoyed hearing him and then off to enjoy our nephew, Danny’s friend Max Pothier’s homecoming address. What fabulous young men! Enjoy him/them while you may and then when they go off to school in Utah, come and visit us again! We love you all and keep your sweet Owen and his parents in our prayers. Bless you all.

  2. Your essays and observations always impress me and this one brings me a lot of joy. I have 2 grandsons on missions now, one in Seoul, South Korea (not attending the Olympics 🙂 and the other in southern California but also on a Korean speaking mission. I cant wait to give them big hugs when they arrive home – returning with honor. AND your grandson is the cutest little guy! Bless you all!

    1. wow Cindy, a tender mercy and blessing that two grandsons a world apart will be able to converse after their missions!

  3. I remember these feelings well! We experienced them 2 yrs. ago when our Elder returned from the Mexico Monterrey East Mission. He was full of the Spirit,loved the carpet and luckily, escaped the parasites (maybe because he spent so much time in the hospital while he was in country!) I have an image of him falling down onto the carpet while exclaiming, “I love carpet!” I’m so happy for your family and the joys you are experiencing now. Our God is an awesome God indeed!

  4. Ohmyheart! I feel that consuming joy all over with each missionary airport hug
    Also, I have a memory of the prayers and concern when we have seen trials come to our little grandkids whether it’s chronic croup or Down Syndrome our hearts are drawn out! Thanks for the memories

  5. I became a member of the church at age 38 years. I admire these son’s and daughter’s of our Father, for their great sacrifice.

  6. Congrats to everyone in your family. These kinds of events are magical and wonderful!

  7. Life is sweet! With circle of life in mind, I went to a funeral yesterday that was so spiritually rich, because of a life richly lived. Aren’t we blessed with the gifts that the gospel brings, through all the highs and lows?

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