Wait for it…Wait for it…NOW: A Special Announcement!

Yes, I have been teasing and taunting you for the past three days. I apologize. Sorta.

• Some of you thought that I was setting you up for an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank.

• Some thought I was being profound in some inexplicable way.

• Some thought I was just being mean, and took offense.

• Others showed their saintly patience and gave me the benefit of the doubt.

Here is what it was all about…

I have written a new book! And I think you are gonna love it!

My first book was a compilation of blog posts.  This one is different: It is all brand-spankin’ new stuff, with the exception of a few pages.  I have calculated it to be 93.7% Blog-Free.

In other words, you haven’t seen this before, and it will only appear in this book.

It includes the conclusions of the cruel teaser posts:

• That’s Not Me Driving!

• Mission, Interrupted

• A Day at the Beach is No Day at the Beach

and almost 30 other stories, including:

• The day I met Pablo Escobar

• Being locked in a Buddhist temple in Bangkok

• Seeing shrimp, lions, aardvarks and Apostles in the wild

Every story in it is true, and happened to me and my family. Some are hard to believe, some are funny, some are tragic. You will get to know me and my family in a way you haven’t from only reading the blog.

And, it wouldn’t be an MMM book if there weren’t messages and learning involved every step along the way. Some of the most crucial life lessons I have learned are captured in these stories.

Books will be available just in time for Mother’s Day. (Husbands, pay attention.)

AND, there is a special pre-sale this weekend. So, sisters, before you rush off to Deseret Book on Saturday night while we are at Priesthood Conference, don’t forget to order your copy.

For more details, and to order your copy and get the special deals, click on the picture of the megaphone man.

Exciting stuff for me! I hope it is for you, too.



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  1. Gee, I think I was laid off…..No VT? Seriously though, it’s about time. We now will have an Organization the way it was meant to be. Face-to-face. Very Happy. Course I have a VT that does it the way presented this afternoon! Thank you Noelle, for all you have done and wanting me as a friend.

  2. I couldn’t get the payment page. I was trying to pay with a credit card. I don’t have paypal. Do you do Venmo?

  3. Edgar Rice Burroughs eat your heart out! You are the best, hurry with the kindle version for the old treadmill.

  4. As part of my often failing desire to minimize stuff that will eventually be burned up at the end of the Millennium anyway, I’m limiting my book purchases to Kindle versions. 😉

  5. Do you know what you have done! PLEASE tell me that those of us in Australia can now purchase your books! I tried when you introduced your first book, only to find that you couldn’t ship to Australia. I have been waiting ever so patiently to learn that that problem has been fixed (haven’t heard anything), and now you leave us hanging……….. PLEASE tell me I can get these books!!!

  6. I tried to order your new book, and I couldn’t get to the payment page. I wanted to pay with credit card. Help please.

    1. Try again – it was having trouble accepting the fact that I was offering Free Shipping.

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