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I came home from church today, plopped down in my chair and fired up the old laptop for the first time in a couple days. So many exciting things happened in General Conference and today in our new Elder’s Quorum. So many things to write about! After thinking for a moment about what I should write about, I came to this conclusion:

I don’t need to write anything profound today. I’m too busy living it.

My Utah-based kids surprised us by showing up Friday at the house with grandkids in tow. We spent the entire day with our nephew’s sealing at the Mesa Tempe, and the associated festivities later that day.

In between, we have focused on adding more layers of cement to the relationships in our family. We get to spend time with our kids, and their kids, and talk of things trivial and important. We get to do this all under the echo of temple covenants we witnessed yesterday.

Everything in life is not smooth-sailing. There are struggles and tests, tears and fears, but we are united in purpose, faith and eternal anticipation.

President Uchtdorf once asked us to, “Pause for a moment and check where your own heart and thoughts are. Are you focused on the things that matter most?” (link)

An old 80’s singer said this: “Don’t concern yourself with matters past and future. Just put your mind to where they meet.”


Today I am caught up in where they meet.

That is my simple message. For something more profound, education and important than anything I could possibly share, please refer to this link.

Good Sabbath to you all.

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  1. Men are that they might have joy, 2 Ne. 2:25. Looks like you had an abundance of it this weekend.

  2. today was the first day at my Ward when HP and Elders were together. The bishop encouraged us to talk about the Conference and the importance of looking revelation as principle of faith

  3. We sustained and set apart 7 of our 8 Ward EQ Presidencies today and the last one will be on Wednesday night. Urgency was The key for us. The power and insiration of this change by President Nelson was made manifest to us in our participation in our efforts today. “Old Ship Zion” is moving mightily and boldily forward. Love it!!

  4. ❤️?❤️

    Gotta love taking time to smell the roses. Good for you! Enjoy the day.

  5. We had Stake Conference this week it was GREAT. My hubby was the High Priest Group Leader. He is SO excited for next week.

  6. I was bummed… our Stake Presidency isn’t letting us combine for two weeks, when the new EQ Presidency is sustained. Patience is not one of my native virtues. 😀

    I did note LDS Tools already has me assigned to the “new” Quorum, and there’s no HP Group in the Ward Organization any more. I love it when the IT Dept has got it goin’ on.

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