I’m No Artist, but…

I was checking out some images of Jesus when he was a baby. (Don’t freak out – I am a “Post-Thanksgiving Christmas” person, so this is not a Christmas post.) when I stumbled across a remarkable Tumblr feed. I’m not going to share the feed, because some of it is not appropriate for decent people – like you – but I did swipe a few images.

It seems that artists during the Renaissance took a lot of creative license in portraying the young Jesus. At least I hope these are all inaccurate. With no further ado, or commentary, here are some Renaissance paintings featuring baby Jesus. Enjoy!










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  1. I’m still hung up on Mary’s hand in picture 7…. what the what?!?! Didn’t know fingers were ever that long, even if you are a superstar basketball player.

  2. First reaction: Hideous…I agree, glad they’re not in our chapels or magazines. Don’t have a second reaction.

  3. I grew up a devout Catholic but always struggled to relate to Jesus Christ. I wonder why…? ? Thank goodness for the LDS Bible videos. In all sincerity, they were the catalyst for me expunging the above display from my brain.

  4. If I am remembering my art history lessons right, the belief for much of the dark ages and also into the renaissance was that Christ was born with a “perfect appearance” and for some reason that meant he already looked like a grown man even as a baby. I could be wrong, but I think they used Isaiah 53:2 to justify this thinking. It doesn’t make the pictures any less cringy, but perhaps the artists had a little more actual talent than these pictures make it appear.

    1. Thank goodness none of these hang in our chapels. They could scare young children and me!

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