Nine Years of Blogging! Celebrating with a Giveaway.

To celebrate NINE years of blogging, I am having a rare blog giveaway. But we will get to that later…

2010 was a long time ago. Guess was was brand new in 2010?

  • iPads were released
  • Angry Birds was the favorite app
  • Justin Bieber was huge
  • Obamacare was passed
  • The recession was in full swing
  • Temples announced for Payson, Hartford, Indianapolis, Tijuana, Philippines and Lisbon.
  • Provo Tabernacle burned down
  • “Lost” ended with a whimper
  • People annoyed the world playing vuvuzelas at the World Cup in South Africa

You get the idea – it seems like a long time ago.

Personally, a lot has happened since then:

  • We went from 4 kids living at home to 1.
  • Married off four of our five kids, adding 4 bonus children (in-laws) to the ranks.
  • Added three grandchildren to the family.
  • Got released as bishop.
  • Sent three sons on missions.
  • Began the anonymous Middleaged Mormon Man blog.
  • Came out publicly. (I need to find a different way to say that.)
  • Changed it to “Thus We See” to be less “Mormon.”
  • Wrote over a million words.
  • Published three books.
  • Lived a lot of life with all its ups and downs.

But if you have followed this blog, you know about most of that. The point is simply that nine years seems like a freaking long time ago. Many of you have been with me from the very start – and you are still here. That amazes me. I never imagined that my little anonymous project would still be plugging along.

I have met a lot of you, and conversed and bantered with many of you enough online to feel like we’ve met. I appreciate your readership, insight and friendship.

I also did not anticipate that writing this blog would open doors to stuff like being hacked, website crashes, angry emails and typos. Lots and lots of typos.

Thankfully, to offset that part of the deal, I’ve made new friends, embraced “writing” as something I do, participated in writing conferences as a student and teacher, and forced myself to think deep thoughts on a regular basis, and learn new things so that I could share them with you, and had a lot of fun.

Which brings us to the GIVEAWAY.

As a thank you for your loyal readership and friendship, I am giving away something so precious that I’m sure you will covet it, much as others have.

Yes, calm down. Take a breath. It is true. You can win your very own GASSY BEAR. I know, generous beyond reason.

In addition, for those of you who might already have your very own Gassy Bear, I will throw in a copy of my latest book, “There’s a Message OUT There Somewhere.”

(I have a limited copies still available for Christmas, but you’d better hurry as it is December 6th already. They make an excellent gift for that hard to shop for man in your life.)

You are probably asking yourself, “Self? What do I have to do to win such stunning prizes?” Two things:

  1. Leave a comment here or on Facebook. (Hopefully a NICE comment, but that is not mandatory)
  2. Share the link from here or Facebook.

That’s it. Ridiculously easy, even for U of U grads.

Thanks to you for your friendship and spending time reading my stuff. I figure that since I’m only a year away from the decade mark, I can’t stop now. I hope you will continue this journey with me,


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  1. I love reading your blog. You have a talent for finding a lesson in everyday events, even minor ones. And I appreciate that you always quote and support the Brethren and stick to true doctrine.

  2. I’ve mostly a “stalker” reader – not commenting much but certainly enjoying. Your blog was a big reason I encouraged my youngest daughter to write a blog. She writes some pretty good stuff that tends to be way insightful for a 21-year-old punk and since I have experienced the good your blog has brought into my life and figured it wouldn’t have happened without your generosity in being willing to share your talent so abundantly, perhaps I should encourage her to do the same. As long as you keep writing, I’ll keep reading.

  3. How about instead of “came out publicly” you said “Disclosed MMM’s true identity”? Plus that would give you more of a super hero connotation!

  4. Brad, I’ve enjoyed your blog. Always good food for thoughtful consideration and reflection. Either that or never a dull moment! Keep up the good work!

  5. Hard to believe 10 years. I randomly found you blog right when you started and ace enjoyed it ever since

  6. Would love a copy of your books, but I’m prepared to buy them if you have found a way for us Aussies to purchase them. There is so much wisdom and depth in your blogs, and they make me think. Thank you too for being “human”, it’s encouraging to know imperfect I have a chance of ‘making it’.

  7. 10 years?
    retired from the military
    moved twice
    sent 2 kids on missions
    unretired from the military
    re-retired from the military
    moved 2 more times, sold my house in St George & bought one in AZ
    married off 2/5 of my kids
    attended 4 college graduations
    had 6 7/9 grand kids.
    flew a helicopter from AZ to Canada (with my EC as co-pilot, that was incredible)
    wow….how time flies

    even a UofU graduate can do it……that’s funny.

  8. Your credibility just went way up! (because of the U of U dig) I look forward to my Sundays a little bit more each week knowing there will be a blog post. Thanks!

  9. Gassy Bear?!?! YES please!! ?I already have your book (You generously sent one to me earlier this year. I loved it too! Gave it a 5 star rating on Goodreads 😀 I also shared many of the stories with my investigator husband. He loved them also.) I have been a reader since near the beginning and have been a faithful and grateful follower ever since I discovered your blog. Although I did have to take a break while on my mission… You’re awesome. I love your wit, I love your insight, I love your dedication to the gospel and pure doctrine, I love your courage to boldly post truth. I have used many of your insights in my own lessons through the years. I know, not as cool as the time you were mentioned in General Conference. If I ever become a general authority you’ll definitely get a mention from that pulpit again 🙂

  10. I have been a huge fan since I had a “prompting” about 5 years ago. From a Sister I was Visiting Teaching who would ask me every time we visited, ” I read the most amazing blog, Middle Aged Mormon Man, You should read it!” My favorite blogs seem to be “instant conference thoughts” which have enhanced my Conference experiences as well as your recent post on your Mom’s passing since I lost my Mom too 20 years ago and seems fresh at this time of year. I’m grateful for all I have received from your Blog

  11. You can keep the Gassy Bear…but I’d love a copy of the book to introduce my father-in-law to your blog with (but I’d read it cover to cover before handing it over to anyone). I have appreciated your “all in” commitment to the Gospel, the consistent sustaining of our leaders, and the wisdom of experience and the humor of your blog. The way you say things just makes me think, “Yeah- the way he said it…that’s exactly what I mean!”

  12. When you just say “9 years”, it doesn’t seem very long to an old guy like me. But, when I think about all that has happened in my life since then, it does get to feeling LOOOONG. Nine years ago, my wife and I were nearing the end of a year on our mission in South Africa. We since served another mission in Philippines. We’ve also had three major surgeries and a couple of minor ones. Our first great-grandchildren were born (we now have 11, with another one to be here soon). We have held several callings in our branch which has now become a ward. We have rejoiced as more temples have been announced in Africa and Philippines. Hopefully, we have deepened and broadened our gospel knowledge and our testimonies. AND, changes in the operation of the church, WOW! I’m now one really old guy serving as a counselor to an Elders Quorum President and my wife thinks she is one of the oldest seminary teachers in the church. And, I also discovered the MMM blog and have kept up on your life just a bit. Surely this has been a momentous nine years.

  13. Do you know what’s funny? I had a feeling it was you, even before you came out. I don’t know why, we hadn’t been in the same ward for awhile or even anything remotely close to talking. I guess I’m just a smarty or something.

  14. You’re awesome. I’ve been here from the beginning. Enjoy your inspiration and insight. <3

  15. Happy ninth birthday! Thanks for nine great years. I look forward to your continued posts in the future!

  16. I have enjoyed reading your blog, especially spiritual insights and thoughts, for many years. Keep up the good work!

  17. I’m commenting, because I would like a copy of your book….Gassy bear will be a nice addition. I, too, enjoy your blog. You show us ways to improve with positive points and humor. Not all bloggers are like that! Hoping for many more decades of blogging for you.

  18. I’ve been making a mental list of the things and people I am grateful for and you, Brad, came up early and often. You have gotten me to look outside my comfort zone, you made me smile, laugh and cry far too often, and you have introduced me to some of your cooler friends like Monique.

    Happy 9 years! Praying the the sweet Meteor of Death doesn’t strike till you hit ten!


  19. I’ve always enjoyed reading our insights. You’ve given me a lot to think about with your posts.

  20. I enjoy your writing and insights. I really like being able to read older posts because I discover new things each time. (Maybe I grew since I read it last?) Thank you for sharing.

  21. I sure appreciate your talent. Thank you for finding and pointing out the glorious amidst the mundane, and for being a champion of being faithful.

  22. Can’t I just “like” this without leaving a comment? Comments were so 9 years ago. 😉
    I’m still enjoying and learning from your posts. Glad you’re still around.

  23. My comment and regret is that I didn’t discover your blog until much more recently. All the more reason for you to continue! I’d like to reach a decade of reading and enjoying your thoughts, insights and ideas! Merry Christmas and many more!?

  24. I have enjoyed reading your blog for about half of your nine years and I have gone back and read some of the early posts. I appreciate your way of writing and the way you support and sustain the Quorum of the Twelve and the other church leaders. Thank you for sharing. I will forgive the dig at U of U grads (my dad is an alum).

  25. Don’t want to be the first person to point this out, but “Giveway” (Blog/email title)? Is that like a giveaway, or something?

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