The Podcast That Wasn’t

Last night I was goofing around on Facebook and live-streamed giving myself a haircut. It was epic. And by “Epic” I mean “quite stupid.” . (What can I say – it as fun – and you can only watch so much TV)

One of my Facebook friends mentioned that I sounded “exactly like I thought you would.”

This surprised me, because I have sporadically posted audio files of my Sunday blog posts, so I figured that anyone who wanted to know what I sound like has already had that opportunity. Apparently not!

Then, this morning, I remembered something: About five years ago, when I was still Middle-aged Mormon Man, I flirted with the idea of starting my own “Bonafide” podcast.

I went as far as to try it out by recording a few samples with my friend, Jeff. The recordings were done without any tech savvy, mediocre equipment, and very little preparation. It is pretty rough, but it was fun.

That said, I figured that since some of you might need something to do, I ought to post one so you can hear what almost was.

So, if you have twenty minutes to kill, take a listen to the podcast that wasn’t, and let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy it. Just click on the play button below, and you can listen right from this webpage.

Stay safe and healthy!


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  1. Gosh, you really are American! When I read your posts you’re British in my head.

  2. I loved your ancestor story! Was it passed down through your family or did your find it in memories in Family Search? I haven’t had much success but love doing the work. I’m missing the temple so much right now as are so many other saints. Thank you so very much for your articles!!!

  3. I stayed around for almost your whole live haircut session. I was totally envious that it was so easy for you, a guy. I confess I was also watching Hercule Poirot on BritBox at the same time as I watched you cut your hair. Both entertaining.

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