MMM – Eleven Years Later

Eleven years ago this morning, I sat down in my comfy chair in the living room and typed my first blog post. It wasn’t very good, and I really had no idea what I was doing. It was then I foisted Middle-aged Mormon Man on the world. For me, my life has never been the same.

Never would I have guessed that eleven years later, I’d still be at it. When I look back, I still miss the intrigue surrounding my anonymity – I still miss it sometimes. I also miss that the blog was sillier back in the day, but, things evolve.

There are basically three reasons that I’m still at it:

1) It is good for me. I find myself taking time to notice how the things that happen in my life have purpose, and if I look hard enough, I can find a message that can help me along my path. Yeah, I probably over-share, but it comes with the territory.

2) I feel like I am supposed to be doing this. Every time I contemplate quitting, I am prompted to get back to it. I think I know why: There is a strange and wonderful thing that happens almost every week of my life. No matter the post, the topic, or what I have to say about it, someone inevitably will write or comment and say something to the effect of, “That was the best post you’ve ever written,” or “You wrote that post just for me – thank you!”

I know what that doesn’t mean: It doesn’t mean that I am a spectacular writer. But I believe it does mean that sometimes what I am prompted to write can touch different people at different times, and hopefully bring them some peace, some insight, some laughs, or maybe even a new perspective.

It’s worth it, and gives this little blog purpose to me, and benefit to you wonderful readers.

3) I love the community that we have built together on both the blog and social media. I’ve made fun, wonderful friends both online and in real life. You have blessed my life.

So, there’s a bunch more reasons, but that’ll do for now.

Also, I appreciate your support for sticking with me through different iterations of the blog and the name changes, Facebook jail, hacks, typos and overuse of passive voice. It is often an adventure.

Last thing: I appreciate the support so many of you have given my new Christmas novella. Thanks for giving me a chance on fiction, and for the sweet reviews.

If you have been living under a rock, here are the links for the book:

For eBooks, audiobooks, and paperbacks, head on over to Amazon.

There’s still time for signed copies for yourself, neighbors and friends for Christmas. Click HERE for those.

As I celebrate my 11th Birthday, I mostly want to thank you for you love, support, inspiration, laughs and friendship.

Merry Christmas to you all!


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  1. Yes, I wanted to add also that I loved your book. It was very enjoyable and had a great message. I plan on reading it again, actually, to soak it in more. And I wanted to add how much I love your blog. I pull it up just about every Sunday and read your posts with enthusiasm. I sometimes read them out loud to my family or come back and read them a few times to myself. They are always enriching. Thanks for continuing to write such excellent content.

  2. “Up On the Housetop” should be made into a short movie!!! Love it! And don’t ever stop blogging and writing. It’s your gift to all of us that Heavenly Father gave you.

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