This, That & the Other. (And they’re all good!)

How’s your summer going? I hope the good outweighs the swelter. I have a few things to chat about this morning, so here we go…


First thing: Perhaps you have noticed that I havent been posting on this blog as frequently in the past few months as my normal, prolific (ridiculous) pace. There’s a reason for that: I’ve been busy with other stuff, been traveling a lot, etc. (I’m typing this in a hotel room in Utah.) However, lots of times I still have ideas for blog posts, think them through, and then never take the time to write them down. Basically, I’ve been kind of blog-lazy. Every now and again, something will commandeer my brain and I am compelled to write it to be able to think about anything else, thus the occasional post.

What has been really sweet to me is that many people have reached out to check on me to make sure that I am doing okay. Some of you have let me know you are concerned and that you miss reading my posts. SO kind. Makes me feel all squishy inside. I want to reassure everyone that I am GOOD! I am HAPPY! I am finally pushing off the last of my COVID symptoms and feeling HEALTHY!. However, I am still a bit blog-lazy, but after the summer is over, I’ll turn it back up a notch.

Thank you for your concern and for taking the time to check on me. Also, thank you for missing my blog!

Full disclosure: Just because I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing. Look for announcements this fall. (And that’s what we call a “teaser.”)


Friday, Chrissie and I were able to attend a temple sealing of a dear friend and her new husband. It is always an awe-inspiring thing to witness the creation of a new, eternal, family unit. I love it when God’s plan comes together.

One of the sweetest parts of this particular love story is that after my friend went through her divorce, she vowed that she was absolutely done. No men, no marriage again. Never. As for how that would play out in the eternities? Her attitude was, “I’m out. God will have to sort that our in the next life. I’m done with love.”

Well, I was always quick to push back on that fatalism, and now I have a wonderful pocketful of “I told you so” that I can utilize at my discretion.

As good as that is, the best part was watching how God took care of one of His children who was truly striving to do what is right, and seeing it play out and pay off in this life. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does, it is sweet. She is now sealed to a wonderful, remarkably kind man who she couldn’t even imagine existed not long ago. Congrats to you both!


A friend of mine, Matthew Watkins, hosts a podcast called, Conference Talk, where he and guests discuss the General Conference talks from the most recent session – and then does it all again every six months. It’s good, and interesting, and helps me remember what was said at the most recent conference.

I was invited to be a guest on the podcast that dropped last night. We discuss the talk by Elder Jorge Kebingat, Valiant Discipleship in the Latter Days. I had a great time doing the podcast, and Matthew is terrific. Give it a listen!

Here is the link to check it out: @conferencetalk

That’s just a little update about me. Hope you have good stuff going on this summer as well. Thanks for sticking around, even though I’m a bit flakey.

It’s a big, beautiful world with all sorts of goodness going on in it – if we want to look around and see it.

Have a great Sabbath,


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  1. I loved this update! So glad all is well and I can’t wait to listen to your podcast interview. I just met Matthew at the FAIR LDS Conference last week and he’s awesome!

  2. Glad to see you are back on. I have known Matthew Watkins for years. He was in my ward in North Carolina and I taught his siblings in high school. He has always been really smart and knowledgeable about the gospel. I will make sure I listen to the podcast.

  3. Great to hear from you, Brad! I was also wondering about you, although my follow through on that curiosity/concern was not stellar. I always love reading your blog posts and have followed you for years (MMM on).

  4. Thanks for introducing us to Matt’s podcast, I’ll be adding this to my lineup. It was fun to hear your thoughts coming from your live voice.

  5. I’m glad you’re doing well. I was wondering also.

    This past spring a special friend in her late 70’s remarried, after being widowed for many yrs. It was heart warming to see her delight and happiness in a new love. Her first husband was an awesome man who had a wonderful impact in my young family. Now it seems she has found another such man, and I am thrilled for her. It is indeed a beautiful world.

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