Instant Post-Conference Thoughts: Saturday Evening Session (April ’24)

Note:  These are the instant, post-conference, mildly-filtered things that ran through my brain and heart as I watched this session of General Conference. If you are looking for deep, spiritual analysis, this is not the place. Drive on.

• Saturday evening. Ready, set, Go! (Setting down my spoon and cup from a sour apple and cream Hawaiian ice.)

• First: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE CHURCH! 194 years? Weird that President Nelson has been alive for over half that time. I thought there would be several restoration talks today, but nope.

• Elder Dale Renlund conducting. The least exciting voice possible, now that Elder Scott is gone.

Elder Shane M. Bowen: Miracles have not ceased.

Great intro for the who have never heard about the priesthood or prophets.

Was arrested as a missionary in Chile during the Pinochet revolution. In prayer, he remembered that his Patriarchal blessing said he would have kids and be a father. Gave him peace. (Chile calmed down a lot before I got there seven years later.)

Told story of his grandfather blessing his grandmother to come back to life. Wowza!

“I testify that miracles and ministrations are continually occurring in our lives, often as a direct result of priesthood power.” (This is true. I second his witness.)

“Through callings and councils, men and women, young and old, can participate in priesthood work. It is a work of miracles, attended by angels. It is the work of heaven, and it blesses all God’s children.”

Talked about his daughter being trapped under a van after an accident. They were able to lift the van of her and gave her a blessing – she wasn’t breathing. After a blessing she began breathing and suffered no long-term consequences.

“I know that while not all circumstances turn out like we may hope and pray for, God’s miracles will always come according to His will, His timing, and His plan for us.”

“I witness that miracles have not ceased and angels are among us.”

Elder Steven R. Bangerter jumped right in reminding the young men that it is their responsibility to serve a mission, and the sisters if they want to.

Responsibility comes with what we did in the pre-mortal life. Talked about foreordination – it applies to all members of the church. (Based on righteous exercise of agency.)

“Before you were born, God appointed each of you to fulfill specific missions during your mortal life upon the earth.”

“Our Heavenly Father desires to reveal to you your personal foreordination, and He will do so as you seek to learn and follow His will.”

His dad told him, “Son, protect the private times in your life– those times when you think what you’re doing won’t impact anyone. Because that will have a greater impact on everything and everyone than any other decision you make.”

“Protect the private times of your life. What you do during those moments when no one is watching will have the greatest impact on how you face trials and tests.”

• No halftime comments – prepped food for later.

Sister Andrea Muñoz Spannaus, 2nd Counselor YW. How the youth can battle the world.

Told story of David and Goliath. (Great retelling with her awesome Agentinian accent.)

“When your love for Heavenly Father is the most important influence in your life, many decisions become easier.”

As David had stones, so do we: 5 stones are 5 strengths to be triumphant in our lives:

  • My Love for God
  • My faith in Christ
  • My true identity as children of God, covenant and Jesus Christ
  • My Daily Repentance. Forgiveness is possible for everyone.
  • My access to God’s power.

One extra stone: Our testimony.

“Our testimony is built by personal spiritual experiences in which we recognize the divine influence in our lives.”

“Knowing what we know from having lived our spiritual experiences is priceless. Being true to that knowledge gives us freedom. It gives us joy.”

“There is joy in doing good. There is joy in being faithful to the God of the universe, the Savior of the world, the King of Kings. There is joy in being a disciple of Jesus Christ.”

(This was impactful to me because when she talked about joy, she truly does seem to radiate joy.)

Elder Matthew L. Carpenter started off talking about peaches, yum, and preserving them. The importance of sealing the jars to keep them so they will last.

Exaltation for couples. Highest degree can only be achieved by married couples.

There are two bonds. Lateral: between couples, and vertical: between God and man. We must honor both.

“God will not require anyone to remain in a sealed relationship throughout eternity against his or her will. Heavenly Father will ensure that we will receive every blessing that our desires and choices allow.” (This should answer a question I have heard many times.)

Cancellation of dealings should not be done casually.

“The gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of hope.”

(I think this talk was important because there seems to be a lack of understanding among many young couples about the whole “Temple Marriage” thing.)

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf is the concluding speaker. Aviation joke right off the bat.

120 years since the Wright Brothers. Promised their Dad they wouldn’t fly together. Dad finally relented and let them. Then dad flew and loved it. “Higher, Orville, Higher!”

Where does higher joy come from?

“If happiness is the one thing we humans desire most, why are we so unsuccessful at finding it?”

Mental and emotional challenges can interfere with finding joy. (2nd talk mentioning the impact of mental health)

—–> “Feeling sad is not a sign of failure. In this life, at least, joy and sorrow are inseparable companions.”

—-> “Man is that he might have joy – you are built for this!”

“God has something more to give. A higher and more profound joy — a joy that transcends anything this world offers. It is the joy that endures heartbreak, penetrates sorrow, and diminishes loneliness.”

“Worldly happiness, by contrast, does not bless, it cannot. It is the nature of all earthy things to grow old, decay, wear out or become stale. But godly joy is eternal because God is eternal.”

“Our Father in Heaven has not hidden the path to happiness. It is not a secret. It is available to all!”

“If we seek reasons to be angry, to doubt, to be bitter or alone, we will find them. However, if we seek joy—if we look for reasons to rejoice and to happily follow the Savior, we will find them, too.”

“We rarely find something we are not looking for.”

“True joy is multiplied when shared.”

“May we all seek and find the higher joy that comes from devoting our lives to our Heavenly Father and His beloved Son.”

Great talk!

The Utah Valley Institute choir concludes with an awesome rendition of Amazing Grace. How awesome is that? Maybe it will show up in the new hymnal?

• Glad I did this tonight. Some terrific talks, and a hopeful spirit.

• See you all tomorrow.


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  1. I appreciate your hard work and dedication. I didn’t know you did notes — I did too. Great session of conference.

  2. Loved these thoughts. One question remains: a sour apple and cream Hawaiian ice? Sounds delicious!

  3. I just want to say thanks for taking notes. I look forward to them after every session and always learn a little something I missed.

  4. I told my husband when they announced the closing song would be “Amazing Grace” that I hoped it would be in the new hymnbook?!
    We have got to adopt (at least a little bit) of the way other churches worship through music…maybe not dancing in the aisles but maybe not singing every hymn like you’re at a funeral would be awesome.
    (I will get down off my soapbox now 🤣)

    Years ago our daughter was part of a regional choir who were given the opportunity to perform a concert in the old tabernacle on Temple Square and when they sang “Come Thou Fount”, we thought the roof was literally going to raise off the building. It. Was. Incredible. We were sobbing by the last note. We are over the moon that it is being included in the new hymnbook!
    You could see the sheer joy on the faces of that choir as they sang the closing song tonight which also had the same effect as to the roof raising! Music is such a powerful way to feel the Spirit!

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