Here is how to find me in rest of my Social Media Empire. (And by “Empire” I mean “Black hole where all my productive time seems to go.”)

Ahh Facebook.  What can I say?  It is a guilty pleasure.  If my blog is “school,” then Facebook is surely “Recess.”  I apologize in advance for the bizarreness that sometimes envelopes my Facebook threads and posts.  Come be my friend!

I’ve tried, but Twitter hates me. I maybe it’s the limited text, or the incessant hashtags, but for some reason, it doesn’t really click for me like ti does other people. Yet I still try. If you would like to watch me struggle, here is my link:

Remember, you can tweet me – so that I feel the love.  #twitterhatesme

I am quick to admit that joining Pinterest put my “Man Card” in jeopardy. It is a mysterious place, full of crafty ideas, recipes that nobody will ever try, and lots and lots of memes. Why am I there?  Because a lot of my loyal, smart and good-looking readers hang out there – “pinning” wildly. It helps spread the joy of MMM.

You might notice that a LOT of the pins that direct toward my blog are broken – that is one of the worms that I liberated from the can while making the change. If you have one of these links, please kill it! I’ll make more!

I put this one down near the bottom out of abject shame.  What would an anonymouse person do with an Instagram account if he can’t take endless “selfies?”  Well, I started by teaching the gospel with Taco Bell Sauce packets. Yeah, high quality stuff. It may very well get better. Or maybe not.

Subscribing to either blog:  You can use FeedlyBloglovin’, or subscribe via email. Take your pick – I am still trying to figure out how to bring the whole 1,005 of you over from Google.

EMAIL:  My email is now Feel free to use it for whatever reason you see fit. Unless that reason is to ask me to participate in a fantastic new multi-level business opportunity, or to tell me things that you should only be telling your bishop or therapist. Also – if I have messed anything up, feel free to drop me a line. No guarantees…

There you go!  Welcome to the digital world of MMM. Let me know when something is not working right.

In all sincerity, I do appreciate that you read and follow my blog. The response has been greater than I ever imagined. I can’t help but think there are more like-minded people out there who like to discuss important things, and laugh a little too – so please share!

Add your 2¢. (Be nice.)