High Priest Belly

It is now time for my annual “Fret About the Belly” resolutions.  When I was first married, I considered it a romantic gesture to sacrifice my vanity and keep pace with my EC’s preganancy weight gain.  Unfortunately, she was able to drop hers in adorable, vernix-slathered, 9lb chunks. ( Yes, 9 pounds – a real woman)

Now, I find my appetite telling me “Time to eat”, and my vanity telling me “don’t you dare!” 

So the perpetual choice is this:  Strip the enjoyment out of life, or just wait it out and let the resurrection take care of it.

I plan on looking awesome after being resurrected.  Probably a 24 year-old version of me. I am going to put in a request for a 22 year-old version of my EC (yum) Should be fun to watch the reactions of the good sisters who find that their “enhancements” didn’t quite make the leap.

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  1. Ah, the resurrection and the perfect age. Sis, Hinckley said that, for her, resurrection would be at 50! If a prophet’s wife has any say, it looks like you’ve arrived!!

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