Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

I went to an Open House for a young man who is leaving on a mission this week.  (You know – the exact kind of Open House that the General Handbook of Instructions explicitly asks us not to have – and we all pretend that it doesn’t really say that. Don’t believe me? Ask your Bishop.)

Anyway, this Elder is heading off to Germany, and we were talking about languages. (I speak a few)  While we were talking, it occurred to me that my entire knowledge of the German language came from watching reruns of “Hogan’s Heroes.”

I also remember a time when Hogan, Schultz and Klink looked old.


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  1. Your picture for this entry sparked a memory which I am apparently DRIVEN to share…
    When I was a kid, when Hogan’s Hero’s was running, we named a miniature schnauzer after Sargent Schultz because thanks to Hogan’s Hero’s we did know it was a German name. We had originally called the dog Schnapps (not because we understood anything about the drink but because the characters said it so enthusiastically.) But the name Schnapps got ruled out by my mom who said hollering it off the back porch was functionally the same as hollering “Snot!!!” through the neighborhood, and both names made her uncomfortable. So Schultz it was.

  2. Yeah, I’m thinking that whole open house thing is being interpreted as falling under the “Adaptability” section of the Handbook. Great blog.

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