Goofy Wake-up

Last night I went to bed thinking deep, important thoughts, as I am wont to do.  This morning I awoke with the song After Today from the “Goofy Movie” in my head. (Like my iPod’s stuck on replay)
It is still there.  I’m hoping that maybe something of the 80’s channel can displace it as I drive to work.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot more unpleasant songs that can get stuck. (Hey There Delilah, anyone?)
Personally, I love the Goofy Movie.  My EC and I took the FOMLs to see it back in ’95 when it first came out. (Not a lot of people saw it – it was sandwiched somewhere between Pocahontas (boo) and Toy Story (yea!)).  Yes, unlike most of you, I saw it as a parent – not as a child.
I was a wee bit reluctant, but with movie theater popcorn and large amounts of fizzy caffeine, I will sit through just about anything. Turns out that the Goofy Movie was one of the most pleasant surprises I have had in a movie theater.
Great Father/Son road adventure, with interesting relationship issues, and of course, Powerline
Here’s the song stuck in my head: 

Favorite quote:

Goofy: You look just like I did at your age. 

Max: Please don’t say that, Dad. 

I don’t know why my sub-conscious picked that particular song to be my soundtrack this morning.  My best guess is that the Spirit is trying to encourage me to go on a road trip.  Lester’s Possum Park anyone?


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  1. Like Cindy, I’m pretty slow finding this post, but felt it was as timely today as it was for you back in February.

    A couple of years ago the high school all my children have attended (and will be graduates from after May) used “Stand Out” as their theme for the school year and the song by that title was the song they played all year at activities, assemblies, games, etc. Our house is just two blocks from the school so I would often hear that music blaring from the loud speakers as I worked in the garden that fall. I was grateful that such a sweet movie and message would be the theme of the year for those students in general and my kids in particular.

    I have always had a secret love of the Goofy Movie because of its sweetness. I watched it with my children as an adult too. Maybe that DVD will make it into a Christmas stocking this year…

  2. so this is almost a year late but my almost 3 year old LOVES a Goofy movie she would watch it several times a day if I would let her and I can’t turn off the credits early because, “No Mom, I’m dancin”. So I’ve been staying at my parents and now my in laws across country from home for about 3 weeks with my two children and I still have a week to go and I have just reached to point of insanity Anyhow going through your blog has lifted my spirit and turned my frown upside down so Thanks a bunch If I knew who you were and I weren’t so cheap I would buy you a bucket of buffalo wings

  3. That just begs the question of what is going to happen in your life after today?

    I skipped out on the Goofy movie as I never liked Goofy much as a child. Now maybe I’ll

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