Sunday Naptime Profundity: Journals

Just a note to all of you out there blogging about your experiences and your families. Keep up the good work.
–  It is a noble effort.

Here is one of my favorite quotes (by me) to help keep you motivated:

“Those who do not keep journals will be defined by those who do.”
 (Just ask Laman and Lemuel)

– Middle-aged Mormon Man –

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  1. what the heck! great quote there! i am glad you shared this…because…i sure have not been feeling like writing lately. i don’t feel like what i have to say really has any value. i know i am probably wrong. i usually am. and i don’t know very much. i know i am SUPPOSED to keep a journal, but haven’t felt too much of a push other than guilt for not doing it. now that i read this i think, well, if people ARE talking about my life, i might as well get a word or two in and shed some light on who i really am. thanks!! 😀

  2. Sometimes split infinitives can be so fun.

    For instance, does anyone like to sing in the shower?

    Have you ever sung hymns in the shower?

    Have you ever sung “I Need Thee Every Hour” in the shower?

    My favorite is to sing “Family’s Can be Together Forever” in the shower.

    (You have to say it out loud to get it.)

  3. This just gets me wondering how many people I’m going to offend some day when my journals and memoirs are published . . . bwa ha ha. The problem comes in if you want to make money off those things while you’re still living.

  4. Thankfully, the record we have was written by the most amazingly awesome Nephi. Laman & Lemuel’s journal would probably be shelved in the library’s “Sibling Rivalry Fiction” category. Right next to the section on “Skirt Chasing Prophet’s Sons” where Corianton’s journal is kept.

  5. Yeah, Laman and Lemuel totally got screwed by that record keeping brother of their’s! I bet they are kicking themselves now, I’m sure they’d love to tell their side!

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