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In order to help keep you, my beloved readers, informed about the state of religious fervor in the world, I have taken it upon myself to give you a yearly update on religious pareidolia. (I know, I know. Here’s the definition.)
Earlier posts have found the likeness of the divine – or not – in many strange places.  Here are those links: Here, here, and here.
It turns out that 2012 was a pretty busy year, especially internationally. And there were a lot of tortillas. Here is a brief recap of some of the best:

Jesus appeared to a man in Albuquerque on a tortilla he was about to eat. Good thing he noticed first!  To make it even better, he was going to eat this tortilla on the first day of Lent, which makes it even more miraculous. I’ve been to Albuquerque, and they know their tortillas over there.  Especially when  the image looks as much like Jesus as it does Blinky, from Pacman.

This sighting is from Sunderland, England. Two men were waiting outside for a table at a Chinese Restaurant, when they felt like they were being watched. They looked more closely at the doorway, and saw someone looking back. Personally, with it being England, I see Oscar Winner Daniel Day Lewis.
This one is from a couple years ago, but needs to be included.  A Pennsylvania woman got an MRI, and found someone inside. Jesus? In an MRI?  Maybe if I squint. What I do see is Oscar Winner Robert DeNiro.
This is a purported image of Jesus appearing in a piece of naan. For those of you who aren’t familiar with naan, it is an oven-baked flatbread that is a staple in Indian cuisine.  Admittedly, I don’t know that much about Hinduism, but I do know about Indian food – and garlic naan is delicious – no matter who is looking back at me.
This is the inside of a lid from a jar of Marmite from the UK. Marmite (in my view) is a nasty spread that Englanders put on biscuits (crackers) and bread. It is salty, and appears to be an acquired taste. Perhaps my friends from the UK would like to enlighten me on this one.  Anyway, a lady opened a jar, and saw this image staring back at her, and decided it was Jesus.  To me, it looks like the guy from Phantom of the Opera, along with a rubber ducky. But that’s just me.
This is another tortilla, this time from San Antonio. I imagine they know their tortillas too – and I do know they know their BBQ.  This tortilla was discovered by a 26 year-old man named Rene, while making a breakfast taco. I find it hard to make anything out, but Rene could see the image of Jesus.  After making his discovery, Rene covered it with glue to preserve it, and keeps it in a box, wrapped in a fur blanket.  He does take it with him sometimes when he goes places, and claims that whenever he takes it with his to buy Lotto tickets, he always wins. That is one mighty, glue-covered, tortilla.
And finally, I know it isn’t Christmas yet, but who can pass up an opportunity to share a picture of a Funyun that looks like the Virgin Mary holding the Baby Jesus. I know I can’t.  Sure, go ahead and laugh – but the guy got $609 for it on E-bay.
Have a great day, and eat carefully – you don’t want your lunch to be a sacrilegious experience.

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  1. I clearly need to slow down when I’m eating and really LOOK at my food. I’m possibly missing out on a golden goose here.

  2. My husband’s windshield has the virgin Mary on it, complete with halo. We’ve thought about selling it, but it seems sort of sacreligious.

  3. So, let me get this straight. Catholics willingly and frequently eat something their priest tells them has literally turned into the body of Christ, but won’t (I presume) eat something with random splotches that happen to suggest the image of a generic bearded man?

  4. Speaking of sacrilegious…for some reason I’m modifying the lyrics to the Janice Kapp Perry song and singing this in my head:

    “Have you received His image in your sustenance? Does the light of Christ shine in your fries?”


  5. Oh wow. Some of those are quite a stretch, especially that San Antonio tortilla. I am pretty sure I would still eat any food that looked like Jesus. If anything you can’t get closer (physically) than that right? Thanks for the entertainment as always.

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